(ˈæm əˌtʃʊər, -tʃər, -tər, ˌæm əˈtɜr)
1. a person inexperienced or unskilled in a particular activity.
2. a person who engages in a study, sport, or other activity for pleasure rather than for financial benefit.
3. a lover or devotee of an art, science, etc.
[French, from Latin amātor, lover, from amāre, to love.]

We are Jin Angdoo and Mathieu Julien, a happy couple based in Paris. We are lovers of new discoveries and endless artistic possibilities. This website is a place to house all the things we make in the spirit of amateur curiosity and enthusiasm.

We humbly manifest our amateur spirit through the pieces presented on our site because we are inspired by new disciplines and methods and for the pursuit of all things we find interesting.

– Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/amateursJandM
– Jin’s blog: angdoo.com/blog and instagram: @superangdoo, a regular update of her activities.
– Mathieu’s tumblr: euro-million.tumblr.com, a documentation of a very special kind of graffiti paintings.

Past/Future Exhibitions:
– Gallery 126 (September 2015)
Zone Sensible (May 2015)

LVL3 spotlight (May, 2015)
Remodelista (March, 2015)
Sight Unseen (December, 2014)